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Appen Media Group announces new podcasts

Appen Media Group’s podcast family is growing.

One new show, “The Re-Readables,” premiered June 11 on all podcast plat- forms.

Hosted by intern Conner Evans, the show covers high school and college literature as well as some young adult fiction in a new light. It includes show categories like “Best Scene,” “What Aged the Best?” “What Aged the Worst?” and “Best ‘Over- Writing.’”

The idea for the podcast came from a similar show that looks back on old movies, Evans said.

“I think a lot of times novels that you read in school can have all the life sucked out of them when all you focus on in ‘The Great Gatsby’ is the green light and old money verses new money,” he said.

“There’s so much that can pop out at you that you can fall in love with when you revisit books later on. Plus, I just love talking about this stuff with my friends with categories that we can argue over a little. Hopefully, it makes people want to read some of these and get something new out of them.”

Another show, “The Good Life,” is expected to premier this month on pod- cast platforms and YouTube.

Hosts Frank Duffy of Duffy Realty and attorney Frank Giudice, along with featured guest Ted Jenkin, CEO of oXYGen Financial, will welcome listen- ers into “The Good Life” each week with topics like sports, drinks, steaks, busi- ness and gambling.

“‘The Good Life’ is a group of suc- cessful local Atlanta businessmen sitting around a steak dinner at a fine restaurant raising a glass or two talking about subjects that interest guys (and curious women) in pursuit of extracting the most out of the ‘good life,’” Duffy said. “It’s a two-hour, weekly, unapolo- getic, nostalgic return to the era of the Rat Pack.”

“Jenn Means Business” is also expected to launch this month on all podcast platforms and You- Tube.

The show, hosted by Jenn Errico, covers everything a young female professional needs to know to make her mark in the professional world, stand out and succeed in corporate America.

“It’s important as a woman in corporate America to know how to navigate certain situations when society often still sees it as a ‘man’s world,’” Errico said. “I’ve been fortunate to have some great mentors throughout my career and am excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience with women (especially young women and millennials) who may not be as fortunate to have strong, powerful women in their corner.”

One of Appen’s most listened to shows, “Lunch Break,” is also expected to premier its second season soon. Host AJ McNaughton will return with his wife Kimber as they eat and drink their way around St. Louis.

“Our goal at the Appen Podcast Network is to provide our listeners with a wide variety of entertaining content so that you are sure to find your new favorite show in our rapidly growing library,” said Director of Media Production Daniel Milana.

Local business owners interested in advertising on an Appen podcast can email Milana at

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